Classic Clothing Conversation #1: Simone Righi


The first interview in the Classic Clothing Conversation series starts with Simone Righi, a fashion guru in men’s bespoke tailoring from Florence, Italy.  In this interview, we go in depth about his view on classical clothing for men and women.

We take you to the Via Gherardo Starnina number 30 and his store Frasi.

After his usual 4 o’clock espresso together at his favorite spot next door, Simone gave us a little tour in his shop and showed his favorite paintings he made himself. With jazz playing in the background and his family portraits on the wall smiling at us, Simone took place in his favorite chair and joked with playful eyes : ” Andiamo, sits my hair well?” 

How would you describe your style and yourself? 

“To describe myself is an extremely had and complex question to answer. I prefer that people who love me describe me. For the style, I’m a classic man but my style is also evolutionary”

Evolutionary in what sense? 

“Evolutionary in terms of development and life stages of years. When I dress men, I focus on the past, tradition and life stages. Everything changes throughout the years, and what people need changes with respect to the past. It is always focused on a changing time and what people need from this time with respect to the past.”

 Do you think that classic style for women has disappeared from the fashion scene?

” I’m not an expert in feminine fashion. In the past, the fashion was based on culture & costume; similar to men. Women’s fashion is more quick, more fast. If we were to do an experiment for women’s fashion, I would apply the same as I did with men’s fashion. Nevertheless, to create something new in women’s fashion is hard. Many big brands are copying each other and everything begins to look the same.” 

Which items do you think women from 25-30 should have in their wardrobes?

” In a wardrobe, you personality is coming out; this is the same for men & women. You have to feel good in the clothes you are wearing. When you are 25 or 40, life and your personal style changes a lot. Society gives the input for changes but you always have to consider your personality and don’t change for this. Always be honest. For example, when I see very young guys with a beautiful blazer but then parents wants to dress them in a classic  way and they don’t feel it, you notice this as an outsider.  Being honest with yourself is very important.  

What is your way of working, Simone?

Now, big brands want to give to society a typical image. Every man and woman are dressed in the same style.You don’t have to follow the bigger brands if you want to be successful; I’m working in the opposite way. First, I want to understand the customer needs and personality. Then, I suggest to them the perfect way to be themselves instead of another typical personal on the street.  

I like opportunities to work with customers that are hard to understand and what will be good for him.  If you want to be trusted in this work, you have to first focus on the customer and make them really happy from the inside and build that connection. There has to be a lot of trust between me and the customer. I work with passion and want to make my customers proud. 

What was the happiest moment with one of your clients? 

I have a lot of moments that I remember with joy. In particular, I remember one customer, very young but was very set in his ways;  he wanted to make a suit.  When he entered my store he told me, “I want to say one thing; I only dress in blue. Don’t take your time on other fabrics like the Prince of Wales. You can do a suit but just in different shades of  blue.”  So, I made two suits in blue.

After two years, this young customer who was once so strong and determined in how he dressed, now wears more colors and patterns like the Prince of Wales! I was proud of myself because there was a connection and it was a beautiful moment.

I remember a lot, I was lucky to have met older men that came to visit my store and tell me about the history of menswear. I learned a lot from them, and took inspiration from these stories. 

Videographer : Olivia Wahlgren


























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